How Not to Kill Your Lawn!

Lawn Mowing Service Tips and Tricks


This is something our Two Brothers Landscaping and Tree Service lawn mowing service techies see all too often. Most people fail to understand you only have to remove the top third of the blades at any time, and even though this may sound a waste of time, due to the fact you will have to cut it again sooner rather than later, the truth is, longer grass blades develop a deeper root system, meaning it is easier for the roots to locate water.

So when you cut the grass too low, you are literally scalping your lawn, so roots will focus on growing upwards and not downwards. It means also that you will get more weeds, as taller grass does shade the soil, which prevents weed seeds from growing.


Most people mow their lawns on hot afternoons, however, this is a mistake, as it can cause damage to both your lawn and mower! We advise instead, that you mow early evening when your lawn is dry, as this will allow enough time for the lawn to recover before the scorching afternoon heat the next day. Your lawn needs to be dry otherwise you run the risk getting an uneven trim and the wet clippings will clog your mower and, when not raked up, can be thrown out onto your grass and result in ugly patchy and brown spots!


For the cleanest cut, you need to make sure you keep your blades sharp or replace them when necessary. Dull blades will do more harm than good by literally tearing your grass up, which in turn will cause their edges to go brown! You should be able to find several tutorials online on how to sharpen mower blades or head to your local hardware store or sharpening service.

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