Just Had a New Lawn Laid and Need to Know How to Care for It?

What Is Needed for Proper Landscape Maintenance?

The need for landscape maintenance varies due to things like soil fertility and regional climate. Grass seed, mulch and fertilizer are the first parts of good maintenance. A quality lawn mower is also an important piece of machinery for maintenance on every lawn, in addition to a trimmer.

It is pretty useless to think about landscape maintenance if the lawn is in a condition of some disrepute. The first thing needed would be grass seed. A lawn can often be destroyed by mother nature, which can range from the sun in summer or the bitter cold during winter. That means grass seeds must be sown so a lawn has time to recover, especially in particular areas. There are numerous grass choices, and some have more tolerance than others, which make them better for people looking to invest less time with their grass care.

Some people have the knack of being able to sow seeds, and the result is a lush and healthy lawn. However, others are not so lucky, which is when we, at Two Brothers Landscaping and Tree Service in Shelton, WA, can help. When there is a difficulty growing grass, using mulch and fertilizer is highly recommended. For most lawns, it is recommended to use organic food, if seeding has not happened yet. These products feed the grass and soil and are credited for having a huge impact on the health of a lawn.

Also, it could become necessary to invest in a string trimmer. This equipment uses an oscillating line to cut away weeds and tall grasses which are growing close to the likes of trees and lawn decorations. Without this equipment, the job will have to be done by hand.

Although it is a basic tool, a rake has stood the tests of time and must be kept close, by anyone serious about their grass maintenance. There are several uses for rakes, ranging from removing debris from the lawn to the removal of thatch, this is a layer of grass which when left will be a threat against healthy grass.

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