Frequently Asked Questions

Because of the various nature of the jobs that we provide for both home and business owners in Shelton, WA, we get asked many questions on a daily basis. If you are here to find some of them out and get more information on what we do, give this page a read.

Q: What are the services you provide?

A: We specialize in providing residential and commercial landscaping service of the highest quality. We handle the concept creation, design, and installation of your dream project. If it is time to shape the greenery surrounding your property into something beautiful, use our help! We offer arbor care, hardscaping, and irrigation help as well.

Q: How does your team stand out?

A: Two Brothers Landscaping and Tree Service employs a team of reliable and experienced professionals who know how to handle a variety of jobs. From completing topsoil landscaping projects to building hardscape structures with quality materials, we are known for our time-efficient and detail-focused techniques.

Q: Why is tree care important?

A: Having great landscaping does not just include the flowers in your backyard or keeping your grass at the perfect length by mowing it regularly. Surely, those are very important too but the arbor on your property deserves some attention and TLC too. Reasons to do it include your personal safety, the aesthetic of your property and even the local area’s regulations.

Q: What is the purpose of a landscape design?

A: Whether you are browsing for some front or backyard landscape ideas or you want to go ahead with a project of yours, it is important that you pay attention to the design stage of the planning phase. It is a crucial thing to consider because it helps you save money, avoid overplanting, create a tidy-looking exterior space, and avoid inconsistency in its appearance. Poor plant growth and damage can also be avoided with the right design.

Q: Can I just have a lawn?

A: Yes, of course. If you like it simple, then there is no need to add any additional vegetation to your landscape. It is definitely the more budget-friendly option in the long-run too.

Q: Do you have a business license?

A: Yes. Proper licensing is very important for every business in this industry so we have obtained ours as soon as we have opened doors in 2013.

Q: What can I use my free landscape space for?

A: There is such an abundance of back and front yard landscaping projects we can offer you once we see the specifics of your property. We’ll happily discuss them with you over a phone call or a visit.

Q: What areas do you cover?

A: Our team focuses on serving people based in Shelton, WA, but we also respond to requests of property owners who are located within a 75-mile radius. Our landscape service is most frequently requested in Matlock WA; Skokomish WA; Union WA; Potlatch WA; and Hoodsport, WA.

Q: What are your working hours?

A: To reach our team, you can call Two Brothers Landscaping and Tree Service between 8 AM and 7 PM on each day of the week and speak to them about your project!

If you need more information about the services we offer or you want to book one or more of them, call (360) 207-3002 and discuss your wishes with us!

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