Want a Garden With Zero Maintenance?

What is Xeriscape Residential Landscaping?

Xeriscape residential landscaping incorporates design and plants which are simple to maintain in dry regions. This kind of landscape was thought up specifically with water conservation in mind and is beneficial for gardens in dry climates. The design technique used involves a mixture of xeric plants, in addition to water systems that are the most efficient with regards to irrigation. Xeric plants are best suited in areas that receive little to no rain.

The word xeriscape literally means “dry¬†landscaping.” Its prefix, “xeri-,” comes from the Greek word “xeros,” that means “dry.” Principles of this will include good soil texture design, a water system that is designed to conserve water, and a maintenance plan which will handle water more efficiently. A major part of xeriscape landscaping will involve choosing plants which are best suited for a certain area.

Most of the plants used are suitable for dry conditions. Using plants which only tolerate dry areas is not advisable in areas such as the Pacific Northwest area of the United States. Desert plants that are often used range from cacti and succulents. Landscaping in a region which receive more rainfall can range from ornamental grasses, evergreens, and hardy flowers.

Xeriscape landscaping will use both design and plants which are easy to care for in drier atmospheres. Homeowners that are looking for residential landscaping which needs little to no maintenance should consider this type of landscape designs, especially when they live in desert-like regions.

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