4 Benefits of Stump Removal

Reasons for Commercial Stump Removal

Tree stumps are unsightly, annoying, and at times, dangerous. If you have an old stump around your commercial property from a cut, dead, or fallen tree, commercial stump removal eliminates the unwanted leftovers. That is what makes this service an essential element of good tree care and yard maintenance. Read on to learn the benefits of stump removal.

#1. It helps regain space and improves aesthetics.

Stumps can make an otherwise tidy yard look neglected. Removing them can instantly improve the look of the commercial property. This increases the overall value and visual appeal. In addition to aesthetics, space is also an important issue, especially if you have a smaller outdoor space. A stump can take up space in an area that could be used for other design elements. Removal gives you that space back, both above and below ground.

#2. It helps avoid accidents and prevents inconvenience.

While a stump might not seem dangerous at all, it can be a major trip hazard. Removing stumps is not only a necessary safety measure for yourself and your clients; it also removes the possibility of stump-related accidents that could cost you a lot of money. Also, stumps are a real pain for your local landscapers when they are mowing. Having to carefully maneuver around them is hard, and when they accidentally hit them, they can damage their mowing equipment.

#3. Protects against disease and pests.

Stumps harbor many undesirable pests and diseases. Insects can take up residence in them, and not having them removed gives these pests plenty of opportunities to settle in and multiply. Removing stumps prevents the spread of tree disease from stumps to healthy trees in the vicinity, too.

#4. Stops sprouting. 

If you have paid for tree removal, you do not want to deal with that tree again. Stumps are often left behind and quickly begin to sprout and re-grow, which eventually will have to be addressed with another costly tree removal service. Save yourself the hassle and schedule a commercial stump removal service along with the tree removal.

Whether you aim to improve the look of your property, prevent injuries, protect against pests, or stop re-growth, stump removal is a must. Ask your landscape maintenance team if they offer this service.

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