How to Care for Young Trees

A Residential Tree Service Provider Advises

Have you just planted a few trees in your yard? If you have already created your magnificent tree garden, you will now need a residential tree service. A team of professional arborists will advise you on how to care for them.

Just like all plants, they will need regular watering. You can consult with a specialist about how much water your trees need depending on their size and species. Some need deep watering, whereas others – just a small amount of water every few days. You will have to check the soil moisture; remember, the soil must be moist but not wet. Please be advised that you will have to do that regularly for the first few years of their life. Plus, watch their leaves and the bark for any signs of distress.

The next thing you should consider is mulching. Adding organic mulch will help them grow faster and healthier. It could be anything, from wood chips to paper, grass clippings, or nuggets. It is good to cover the base of the tree in a three-feet diameter.

Do you have to fertilize your trees? Depending on the kind you have, that could be necessary. If you are unsure about this tip, you can always call an arborist for advice. They will come to check the soil for nutrients. The main point is to never leave it without nutrients.

One more thing – don’t forget to prune your young trees. Using special sharp tools, professionals can do that pretty precisely. They will remove all the damaged limbs and those with minor defects. This is done so that the rest of the branches can grow without a hitch. This is a crucial step you can plan at least once a year.

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